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Get Free Pizzas to Celebrate Domino’s Malaysia 25th Anniversary

What seems to be a humble beginning now pays off. Starting the journey as a single store in USJ in 1997, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia has grown to more than 240 stores nationwide. Over the past 25 years of serving scrumptious pizzas in Malaysia, we would like to thank you for your endless support and love in letting us deliver you joy. These meaningful years are nothing short of an inspiration for us to serve you better.

In celebration of Domino’s Pizza Malaysia 25th anniversary, we want to make it all about you. Throughout the years, it has been a pleasure to see the smile on your face and the joy in your eyes. As a gesture of appreciation to all Malaysians, Domino’s Pizza is giving away a total of 25,000 free pizzas till the end of 2022.

Domino’s Pizza Offer as a Heartfelt Appreciation for Malaysians

As time goes by, each year of Domino’s Pizza anniversary reminds us of the big reason why our tremendous growth is possible. It is all because of you, all about you, all for you – Rakyat Malaysia. We truly could not thank you enough for your support and love, which made serving you an absolute pleasure. You inspired us to creatively experiment and innovatively create a delectable menu that is uniquely Malaysian.

The 25 years of Domino’s Pizza have been a spectacular journey – all credit due to you for being our inspiration behind curating and crafting tantalizing menu dishes that outstandingly suit the Malaysian palate. There is a long list of our unique offerings that can be found only in Malaysia, which was inspired by you. Up until now, these dishes are still very much sought after.

This curated menu and pizza promotion are all inspired by you for us to create the ultimate Malaysian sensation. Noteworthy menu dishes include Spicy Sambal Pizza, Flaming Tuna Pizza, Banana Kaya Dessert (a truly unique, much-loved Malaysian dessert!), the Fabulous Four, Mega Cheese Pizza and the Ssamjeang Pizza, among many others. It is time for Domino’s Pizza to give back as a heartfelt appreciation and a gesture of gratitude.

Easy Peasy Ways to Redeem Your Free Pizza Deal

To show our appreciation to you for being our inspiration in these 25 remarkable years, Domino’s Pizza is giving away 25,000 free pizzas. Get ready to redeem your free pizza codes on the 25th of every month. Here are some easy steps to get your free pizza deal:

  1. Log on to on the 25th of every month till December.

  2. Enter a valid email address and click submit.

  3. You will receive an email with your free pizza code.

  4. Log on to or Domino’s Malaysia app

  5. Click the ‘Promos & Coupons’ tab and key in the free pizza code

  6. Enjoy your tasty free pizza!

Please note that each valid email address can only claim a maximum of 1 coupon code every month. If all coupons have been fully redeemed, you will receive a message to come back on the 25th of the following month. For more information, please visit

Celebrate the Joy of 25 Years of Domino’s Pizza with 25,000 Free Pizza

With a variety of delicious pizza options to choose from, you are sure to be attached to your very own favorite Domino’s Pizza. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to get yourself a free pizza every 25th of the month!

In conjunction with Domino’s Pizza Malaysia 25th anniversary, you can now enjoy a free pizza deal every 25th of the month until December 2022. This pizza offer is available for delivery and takeaway. To redeem, log on to and place your order online at

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