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Domino’s Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice & Pasta: Korean Cheesy Spicy Twist that You Can’t Resist

If you are a true K-fan and Korean culture lover, you’d definitely know that rice is one of the staple elements in K-cuisine. Besides the wide array of side dishes, Koreans enjoy their meal with a bowl of rice. While Domino’s Ssamjeang Pizzas are already a wholesome meal, why not take up another notch with rice (or pasta!) as your K-side dishes? Let’s say Annyeong Haseyo to Domino’s Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice and Pasta!

Now that Ssamjeang Pizzas and Ayam-Haseyo are back, the spicy excitement does not stop there! Introducing the latest addition, all-new Domino’s Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice and Pasta, as part of the spicy Korean feast. While enjoying the irresistibly spicy Ssamjeang Pizzas, the cheese-baked side dishes are perfect for kicking up the heat!

Bulgogi Cheese-Baked has two varieties for you to choose from – rice and pasta. The new Korean favorites are the epitome of a cheesy and spicy twist that will leave you fanning for more! While your taste buds are dancing to the heat of Ssamjeang Pizzas, let’s step up the game with deliciously spicy Bulgogi Cheese-Baked K-side dishes!

New Hotness to Handle with Spicy Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice

Every bite of Ssamjeang Pizza is already mouth-watering – imagine if you add on the spicy galore with a spoon of deliciously spicy Domino’s Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice. The cheesy, spicy twist will definitely catch your heart and taste buds and leave you craving more heat! If you love rice, cheese, spicy and everything in between, this perfectly baked K-side dish is the right one for you.

The scrumptious Domino’s Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice is a combination of rice baked with spicy bulgogi sauce, filled with juicy shredded chicken, and covered with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese. This deliciously spicy baked rice K-side dish is the perfect way to complete your Domino’s Ssamjeang deals. Every scoop of Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice is a spicy Korean feast that you ultimately want more!

When East Meets West, Irresistible Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Pasta Happens

If you are not really a fan of rice, the cheesy and spicy twist does not stop there – it also comes with an Italian twist. If you love pasta but want it spicy, no worries! Deliciously spicy Domino’s Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Pasta got you all covered. Imagine everything you love – pasta, cheese, spicy – all in just one dish! It leaves you in awe while craving for more heat.

Domino’s Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Pasta is where East meets West with the perfect twist to surprise your taste buds. The Italian favorite meets spicy Korean specialty to satisfy your cravings for pasta and spicy sensations. Dig into a spread of rich mozzarella cheese and unearth a delicious bed of springy pasta baked in spicy bulgogi sauce and filled with juicy, tender chicken. Every scoop of deliciously spicy Korean Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Pasta will leave you Jinjja Saranghae!

Daebak Korean Side Dishes to Complete Your Domino’s Deals

Enjoy the spicy excitement of Domino’s Bulgogi Cheese-Baked K-side dishes with the deliciously spicy baked rice and pasta!

Available only for a limited time, you can enjoy this Domino’s Cheese-Baked promotion via delivery and takeaway. It is available nationwide at any Domino’s Pizza store. Here are some easy ways to place your order:

  • Walk-in to any Domino’s Pizza store nationwide.

  • Order online via Domino’s Pizza Malaysia’s official website or app.

  • Call Domino’s Pizza customer hotline at 1300-888-333.

Deliciously Spicy Bulgogi Cheese-Baked to Step Up Your Korean Ssamjeang Meal

Are you looking for the perfect K-side dishes to complete your spicy Korean feast? Spice up your Domino’s Ssamjeang deals with deliciously spicy Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice and Pasta! The best side dishes to enjoy with family, friends, and loved ones, with the heat you can’t resist.

Domino’s Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Rice and Bulgogi Cheese-Baked Pasta are now available at Domino’s Pizza stores nationwide. Customers can get it for only RM17.90 as an add-on. To purchase, visit Domino’s Pizza stores or order online at

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