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Domino's Pizza Offers a Delicious Way to Give Back This Ramadan

The Infaq Kasih & Piza campaign encourages Malaysians to pay-it-forward

Ramadan is a special month for those celebrating around the world. It is also a time to give back to the community and do good deeds for the less fortunate. Whether it is volunteering at a local charity, helping a neighbour or simply being kind to others, Domino’s Pizza encourages Malaysians to increase acts of kindness and generosity to spread love and positivity to those around us.

With the holy month of Ramadan upon us and Hari Raya Aidilfitri soon to follow, Domino’s Pizza is extending its support by launching the Infaq Kasih & Piza campaign nationwide. Starting from April 7, 2023, the campaign is aimed at providing Malaysians with the opportunity to uplift and support the community, particularly the less fortunate simply by sharing a delicious meal with anyone from the charity organisation of their choice to front liners, vulnerable groups or even families and friends.

The Infaq Kasih & Piza campaign is a great way for us to embrace the spirit of giving. It offers our customers the convenience of paying it forward through our seamless and easy order process that comes with free delivery to any beneficiaries or recipients of choice. What’s more, for those who take up and extend the Infaq Kasih & Piza meal, Domino’s Pizza will give back to the respective customers for their support and personal contribution. Through this effort, we hope more and more Malaysians will come forward and make a positive impact on the lives of those who need it most.

Spread love and kindness today with Domino’s Infaq Kasih & Piza. To place an order, customers simply need to enter the address of the recipient to whom they wish to send the Infaq Kasih & Piza meal set and choose the closest Domino's store for Abang and Kakak Domino's to deliver to the specified location on the customer's behalf for free. Through the Infaq Kasih & Piza meal, Domino’s Pizza enables customers to make bulk purchases of 10 Regular Pizzas for only RM145 for 20 pax (10 boxes) while enjoying a discount of up to 60% or equivalent to saving RM214.00!

Starting from April 7, 2023, customers who wish to purchase and donate any Infaq Kasih & Piza meals may place their order and payment on or via Domino’s mobile application. For hassle-free orders, customers are encouraged to place their orders in advance through Domino’s official website.

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