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Domino’s Pizza Presents an “EGG-CITING Experience” With the All New “EGGSTRA SHIOK” Royale, Salted

SHAH ALAM, FEBRUARY 13, 2019 – Customers are in for an “Eggstra Shiok” experience as a new pizza has just “hatched” at Domino’s Pizza! Embracing the popular flavor craze, Domino’s launched its latest creation of Royale Salted Egg pizzas. This limited-time offer features a red Royale crust paired with salted egg-infused sauce and is further enhanced with Salted Egg sprinkles adding that “Eggstra kick”, perfect to be enjoyed with family and friends.

Domino’s new Royale Salted Egg launch also featured a fun and interesting panel discussion themed “The Rise of Salted Eggs” which saw Mori Said and Adikfoods joining Linda Hassan, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia & Singapore. During the session, the esteemed panels shared their thoughts on the Salted Eggs trend as well as discussed topics such as the most unique and bizarre Salted Egg dishes that are enjoyed by Malaysians. The discussion proved that Salted Egg is truly a versatile ingredient suitable for local and western dishes as well as a great addition to savoury meals and desserts.

Staying true to Domino’s brand promise of It’s All About You, the Salted Egg pizzas were created with customers at the forefront. Catering to their taste buds, there are three varieties to choose from, the Royale Chicken Pizza, the Royale Tuna Pizza and the Royale Delight Pizza. The unique ingredient that ties the various flavors together is the base of the pizzas, the Salted Egg sauce. The Royales are specially developed to have the perfect balance of savory and creamy texture that creates perfection in every bite. On top of that, Domino’s also introduced the Royale Chicken Wings that are generously coated with salted egg and aromatic curry leaves. Perfectly complementing these dishes is the new Royale Cheesy Stix, a golden twist to Domino’s famous Breadstix.

During the panel discussion of the Rise of Salted Egg, Linda Hassan, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia and Singapore elaborated, “Salted Egg is no stranger to us as it is a main staple in Malaysian’s taste palette. Nonetheless, the popularity has grown by leaps and bounds and it can now be found in many different types of food. We are truly Egg-cited to be able to offer our take on the salted egg craze eggs-perience. We are especially pleased to introduce our newly developed sauce base that will not only ignite their taste buds but spark a feeling of nostalgia. A synonymous flavor during the festive season, Domino’s new Salted Egg range will be an Eggstra-cellent addition on the table, during celebrations as well as get-togethers with loved ones.”

Also present during the launch, Shamsul Amree, Deputy President, Operations, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia and Singapore said, “Aside from providing customers with unique, innovative flavors to keep it exciting for our customers, we are grounded by our promise of enhancing their experiences across multiple touch points. We take pride in delivering quality service as well as providing good customer experience to create a memorable Domino’s experience and this is how we want our customers to remember us by. Ultimately, it is our passion to deliver the best to our customers and that is the experience that we aim to create. In moving towards our goal of hitting 300 stores by 2020, we continuously give our level best in providing convenience, quality products and services as well as value to our customers.”

The launch of Domino’s Royale Salted Egg pizzas was attended by members of the media, Salted Egg Lovers and popular food influencers who shared their love and passion for Salted Eggs.

For greater value, customers can opt for the Royale Combos comprising of the Royale Buddy Combo for only RM39.90 and Royale Super Combo for only RM59.90. Additionally, customers can add-on the new Royale Chicken Wings at RM12.75 or RM13.70 as ala-carte. Customers also get to choose to add-on the Royale Cheesy Stix at RM8.30 or RM9.25 as ala-carte.

The all new limited edition Eggstra Shiok Royale Salted Egg pizzas, Royale Chicken Wings as well as Royale Cheesy Stix are available at Domino’s Pizza’s in West Malaysia from February 11, 2019 onwards. Visit Domino’s stores, order online at, or call 1300-888-333 to make an order.

To learn more about Domino’s Pizza Malaysia’s new Royale Salted Egg range as well as other ongoing promotions, visit us at

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