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Xtra Cheese Pizza - What Dreams Are Made of

"Everything tastes better with cheese". This is just one of the many sayings that cheese lovers all over Malaysia, and the world, can relate to. Still, what if there is a way to take this one step further? Come to think of it, if double the cheese is double the delight, then surely triple the cheese will be nothing short of glorious. With that said, if something tastes better with cheese, then it must taste even better with more cheese!

So, with this philosophy at heart, Domino's Pizza is proud to introduce the Extra Cheese campaign. Cheese lovers unite as Domino's extra cheese pizza takes all your favorite pizzas to the next level, packing them chock-full with the finest and most delicious mozzarella cheese. So, be in a simultaneous state of total euphoria and confusion as Domino's extra cheese pizza leaves you satisfied yet hungry for more!

Creating Tasty Pizzas with Mozzarella of the Highest Quality

Domino's mozzarella cheese pizza has become one of the most iconic foods among Malaysians. This is because Domino's iconic mozzarella cheese is used as the bedrock that harmoniously binds the homemade pizza crust, pizza sauce and the vast array of pizza toppings together.

The secret behind this harmonious blend lies in the quality of the cheese. Domino's Pizza monitors every step from start to finish and implements strict quality control measures to ensure that nothing but the best reaches your plate. Every Domino's pizza uses mozzarella cheese produced in the most detailed and meticulous way, keeping to the highest standards.

In fact, the journey of Domino's mouth-watering mozzarella cheese starts with sourcing the best cheese supplier that serves all the top pizzerias in the world. The cheese is made using only top-of-the-line fresh milk collected from purebred cows. These cows are organically fed and well cared for throughout their lives.

Moreover, Domino’s Pizza constantly strives to ensure that our customers are more than satisfied with our pizzas. As such, our iconic mozzarella cheese has undergone extensive research and customization to ensure that it blends well with all of our ingredients and suits the palates of all Malaysian pizza lovers. All these go into creating the perfect pizza cheese.

Now, with the new Extra Cheese campaign, get ready to indulge in the stringiest and most enticing pizzas you have ever known. An image of this extra cheesy pizza alone will get you drooling.

Domino's Pizza with Extra Cheese Will Make You Go ‘Wow!’

If you are a cheese fanatic and have always enjoyed cheesy pizzas, get ready to take your appetite to the next level. Domino's Pizza is going where no cheesy pizza has gone before with our extra cheese pizza.

Using premium quality mozzarella cheese, Domino's latest extra cheese pizza campaign lets you add more cheese to your favorite, regular pizzas at a discounted price of RM2. While this offer has always been available, Domino’s Pizza is now taking it to the next level by letting you add more cheese to your pizza at a much lower price. Not only that, this new offer is all about the cheese as you will get 100% mozzarella cheese added to your pizza; no tricks, no gimmicks.

Spoil Yourself Now with Xtra Cheese Pizzas

So, get your cheese cravings satisfied today with Domino's Extra Cheese campaign. At an unbelievably low price of RM2 for a regular pizza, you can now add top-quality mozzarella cheese without having to splurge. One paper towel will not be enough. With this much cheese in your pizza, you will start telling CHEESY jokes everywhere you go.

Domino's Xtra Cheese is now available at all Domino's stores nationwide. Customers can enjoy this new addition with a Domino’s regular pizza at a discounted price of RM2. To purchase, visit your nearest Domino's store or order online at

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