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Our Top Secret Sauce Is Getting Harder To Keep, Now It Turns Spicy!

Indescribable, addictive, irresistible: These are some of the many words uttered when millions of pizza lovers chowed down Domino’s pizza smothered with our signature Top Secret Sauce which is made of a perfect, secretive blend of cream, cheese, and garlic. Recently introduced in the all-new Top Secret Quattro that features four popular fan favorites in one pizza - Tuna Temptation, Vegie Fiesta, Classified Chicken, and Chicken Confidential, this delicious yet enigmatic sauce has generated a wild but complex talk in town, simply because you will want more of it yet hard enough to describe what makes it so tempting, just like experiencing an internal fight to keep a juicy secret.

Domino’s Pizza now ups the ante with the introduction of Spicy Fling for the Top Secret Sauce. Rejoice together spicy food lovers, because the secret has become tantalizingly hotter.

Are You Able To Contain The Secret Sauce Of The Spicy Fling?

The Spicy Fling for Top Secret Sauce is now getting a new and spicy variation, specially made for Domino’s Pizza fans in Malaysia who want their pizzas, chicken wings, and bread prepared in a secretly, spicy twist. With the Top Secret Sauce further laced on generously with spicy chili dressing, garlic chips, and dried parsley, this is one heck of a numbingly, sensational meal you have to indulge in to undress its true taste. Enhance your meal further with a big and icy cold drink, folks!

Spicy Pizza With A Crunchy And Kicking Sensation

The Top Secret Quattro pizza has proven itself among those who have eaten them as one of the most self-understood yet wholesome meals, bordering on a guilty pleasure experience. With Spicy Fling, the spicy version of the Top Secret Sauce is now extended exclusively to these 4 pizza flavors respectively which are Spicy Tuna Temptation, Spicy Vegie Fiesta, Spicy Classified Chicken, and Spicy Chicken Confidential. Now, you can go all out to indulge in any of these pizzas with the Spicy Fling.

Spicy Fling On Chicken Wings To Get Some Kickings

Savor every bite on our Spicy Fling Chicken Wings for a lip-smacking tasty meal. The crunchy chicken wings deliver just the right amount of spiciness and the ‘kick’ feeling that you have been craving for which is a gold standard for a satisfying spicy food enjoyment. Perfect for a complement to your favorite pizzas or even awesome to have it on its own during any meals or snack time, the Spicy Fling Chicken Wings is the ultimate chicken wing experience that must be tried at least once to unveil its secrecy.

Spicy Fling Breadstix With A Spicy Dressing

Our soft and fluffy Breadstix now comes with Spicy Fling flavor, adding another deliciously spicy bread in the mix. On top of the Top Secret Sauce, garlic chips, and dried parsley, the Spicy Fling Breadstix is dressed with spicy chili dressing just for the bread lovers that are craving the exclusive, spicy taste.

A Fiery Sensation To Keep It Between Us

As the saying goes, there are no secrets better kept than the secrets everybody guesses. The goodness of The Top Secret Sauce Spicy Fling is now ready to be ordered with a few clicks or taps on your phones. Go ahead, unveil the secret of our tasty ingredients and try to describe it to anyone. We bet you will have a hard time doing it (or will you not)?

This hot new addition to Domino’s existing line-up will be available from 26 April and for a limited time only.

To purchase, visit Domino’s stores or order online at!/order/coupons/new?code=LRAM&qty=1 .

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