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Why You Should Eat Pizza, Starting Today?

Food ingredients for pizza

Pizza”, an Italian word that literally translates to “pie”, is one of the most recognizable dishes in the world. Mostly identifiable in triangular shapes, even more so than the Pythagoras theorem. Baked dough, topped with vagrant tomato sauce, healthy ingredients and various type of cheese, it goes without saying, simply irresistible. Not to mention other numerous toppings we can add to extend the taste that is out of this world. On top of that, pun intended, pizza is probably one of the healthier delicacies that holds a special place in everyone’s hungry heart.

Malaysia, well known for its culinary exploits, explores further on this delight, thus creating endless choices for nourishment that puzzles everyone when making up their mind on what to eat, comparable to explaining quantum physics. Exaggerations aside, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia has been a staple for households everywhere, from the utmost north of Arau, Perlis, to most southern parts of Johor Bahru. This dominant pizza chain has provided countless of hungry bellies nationwide with a healthy dose nutritional goodness. Consequently, resulting in Domino’s Pizza Malaysia being the largest market in Southeast Asia.

Benefits of eating Pizza

As reputable as the company is, being the best pizza in Malaysia, we still need to know why should we be eating pizza? Therefore, let us dive in this topic before the cheddar gets dry. Now, there are many benefits in eating most food for sustenance nowadays, just ask any self-conscious eater and they will blabber on regarding the values and facts about what they are eating and how it benefits their body. Irony personified, here is a list of benefits of eating pizza as we go on to understand or find the reason

1. Pizza packs a punch of protein

Protein as we all know is essential for our daily bodily functions. It keeps us full longer and also acts as a source of energy that we use to burn doing day-to-day basic activities. Mostly derived from the cheese, the protein acts as building blocks for many biological related needs. An average sized pizza usually pertains to having around 9 to 12 grams of protein. Seeing that an average adult needs at least 7 grams to every 10 kilograms of their body weight, this cheese filled marinara spherical pie, definitely fits the bill.

2. Tomato, fruit or vegie? It’s definitely both

The main ingredient, besides dough and cheese, is the delicious and nutritious tomato. Regardless of whether fruit or veggie, tomatoes consist of vitamin C, potassium and choline which promotes heart health. In addition to that, tomatoes also contain the antioxidant lycopene. Consumption of lycopene found in tomatoes has been shown to be linked with reducing risk of chronic diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Now I know why eating Domino’s pizza leaves me feeling good from my head tomatoes.

3. A good proper meal and supplement replacement

As aforementioned, not only does a pizza provides us with protein and lycopene, it also helps us maintain a good and well balanced meal that coincides with a healthy diet. With toppings such as beef and chicken, or even anchovies, proteins that are mixed with fresh veggies for instance green pepper, onions and fresh mushrooms, creates undoubtedly a well-balanced meal. For instance, if one does not enjoy eating vegetables, trying it with pizza certainly gives ‘mushroom’ for improvement.

As supplements, the protein consumption help stores cholesterols and provide a well-needed calorie intake to support muscle fatigue by burning excess fat in order to improve recovery for body builders. Therefore, acts as a supplement protein, making body building a ‘pizza’ cake.

eat pizza

4. Eating an appropriate amount helps

As heavenly as any Domino’s pizza is, eating way out of proportion, like any protein filled food, will undoubtedly do more harm than good. Hence, managing our intake to an appropriate amount will definitely benefit more, so much that its considered, good. Taking in previous points into account, the pattern definitely suggest pizza is a healthy option for a balanced meal, therefore for a healthy slice, just keep it plain and simple. Pizza in its original form consists of dough based, a secret tomato sauce and sprinkle of cheese, which by the looks of describing it, paints a perfect image of a pizza. So by keeping it light and simple, an appropriate amount isn’t that hard.

5. A healthier option than cereal, for breakfast

As thought provoking as that may be, new reports suggest that, yes, pizza is a better option for breakfast. The saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, therefore eat like a king, and what does a king eat? A well balanced breakfast of Domino’s pizza of course, and one that accounts for protein, carbohydrates and fat. Why? Well this balanced meal helps us burn more energy throughout the day without getting too hungry and over indulging ourselves for other timely meals. Now generally speaking, most cereals are bombarded by sugar, added to that is more sugar from milk and cream. Now compared that to fats and proteins, a quick sugar rush is just not going to slice it, I mean, cut it.

The reason explained, and why it needs to be put in perspective

So, does this answer our burning question? Indeed, it has, and that this delicious disc shape pie, has its benefit’s and on the contrary to a diet-risking snack. Why should we eat pizza starting today? Because portrayal of pizza as junk food, should be lessen, as to not undermine the real effort in producing a meal that is well-balanced, exquisite in taste and packs dietary values that is a pizza. Should we add pizza as a healthy option to our meal choices? Based on abovementioned, definitely. Now that’s not to say there are no other options except this, but if put in perspective, becoming an option when spoilt by choices, hopefully a different outlook may arise, and therefore let pizza be part of all of our lifestyle.

Domino’s Pizza has definitely been influential from multiple perspective, online businesses, recognizable logo and of course standardised delivery methods and promises that is used everywhere nowadays.









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