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Is Pizza The Best Well-Rounded Meal?

Pizza is fast food, therefore are they a well-rounded meal? Is pizza healthy for us?

pizza healthy food

Usually, a well-rounded meal consists of protein, vegetable, fruits, grains, dairy and oils in a healthy and well-defined portion. All these are required to keep a person’s body healthy. However, would you eat the same old boring food to provide all the above for your body? Not to mention, you would normally need to prepare the food separately which takes up a lot of time. Fret not, fresh, hot pizzas are here to help.

Originating from Italy, pizzas are made out of primarily dough and topped with tomatoes or cheese which is then baked in the oven. It is widely known in the whole world and it is a common fast food category worldwide. Since it is a fast food, therefore are they a well-rounded meal? Well, it is definitely round and they may make you round too (if you can’t resist and binge on it). Secondly, is pizza healthy for us?

Is Pizza a Healthy Food?

First off, pizzas are baked and not fried. Fast foods that are fried always contain high saturated fats and trans fats which contributes to numerous health risks. There are many kinds of scrumptious pizzas but if you notice carefully, most type of pizzas always have vegetables and meat as toppings. This makes the pizzas rich in nutrients. That aside, tomatoes being the main ingredient in pizza sauce contains a lot of anti-oxidant, which is well known for its cancer prevention properties. Besides that, another main ingredient for pizzas are cheese. Cheese packs quite a punch when it comes to nutrients such as calcium, fat, protein, vitamin A, B-12 and many other great nutrients. In other words, it contains all the necessities to be labelled as a well-rounded meal.

Domino’s, being one of the top fast food providers and available in deliveries, it is very convenient for anyone to eat anytime and anywhere. It is always made fresh and delivered right from the oven.

Pizzas are also palatable to everyone as there are no fixed recipes to how pizza is made. Want to be a vegan for a day? Savour on seafood? No problem. Just pick from the mind-blowing varieties of pizza recipes to suite your preference.

With all the nutrients-packed recipe, convenience and an absolutely satisfying meal, pizza very well deserves to be the best well-rounded meal.

Gym and Pizza

Is pizza the right meal choice for gym junkies? Surprisingly, it is a good choice especially as a post workout meal. When someone works out, they burn carbohydrates as energy and they lose proteins during the workout. Therefore, they will need to be replenished along with essential nutrients for the body to recover and grow.

In this case, pizza plays a big part in body replenishment. A single pizza alone, already has what it takes to replenish what is required for a post-workout body. As pizzas are made mainly from dough, it contains a lot of carbohydrates. Besides that, there is protein from the cheese as well as the meat toppings to compensate the protein loss.

To further complete the meal, pick a pizza which has all the vegetables, fruits and meats. After all, a well-rounded meal is all we need.

However, any excessive amount of the nutrients mentioned will destroy the workout effort. Therefore, you will have to control yourself not to over-indulge the irresistible pizza.

Convenience of Pizza Delivery in Malaysia

When we talk about well-rounded meals, we get protein from meat, beans and eggs. But to eat them, a whole troublesome process is needed to prepare and cook them. Then, in order to complete the recommended meal, you would need to prepare a different dish of food such as fish, vegetables and fruits to compensate what lacks in the protein source food. This process would take probably almost 2 hours, just to have a decent proper meal.

In this case, pizza is the solution for you to save all the effort. Get your pizzas delivered to your doorstep from Domino’s now. What’s more? You can get your pizza literally anywhere with just a few clicks away within an hour or less, hot and fresh. For added convenience and speed, use our mobile apps which makes getting your mouth-watering pizza much easier. Why bother travelling out for lunch or spend a gruesome effort to prepare a meal yourself when you can get the meal to be delivered to you fast and easy? Whether you want to take your meal or throw a party, pizza is always there for you.


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Nov 26, 2023

may i know which one is the popular pizza in malaysia?

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