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Domino’s Pizza #SamaSamaJaga: Bigger Rewards for Teens Vaccination!

It has been almost two years since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the whole world. Since the national vaccination program kicked off, almost 98% of the adult population have received the vaccination. Now, immunisation is geared towards the adolescent population. Teenagers aged 12 – 17 are encouraged to register and get vaccinated to keep them protected.

In conjunction with the teens’ vaccination program, Domino’s Pizza also extends our #SamaSamaJaga campaign for teenagers. Now, with bigger rewards for registered and vaccinated adolescents!

Domino’s Vaccination Offer to Spread Positivity and Awareness

Along with the excitement and joy of reopening Malaysia, the national Covid-19 immunisation program is extended to encompass teenagers. The focus is now shifted to adolescents, as there had been a surge in Covid-19 cases and deaths involving this age group. As of mid-October, 20% of the adolescent population are fully vaccinated, and the Malaysian government projected 80% of teenagers to be fully immunised before 2022 school starts physically.

As we adjust our lives during the pandemic, Domino’s Pizza continues to spread love, positivity and awareness by offering more and more irresistible offers. In full support of the teens’ vaccination, Domino’s is extending the #SamaSamaJaga pizza promotion, particularly for adolescents who have registered for vaccination and those who have already received the vaccine.

At Domino’s Pizza Malaysia, we believe this campaign is a plausible initiative to advocate for more Malaysian teenagers to sign up for vaccination and be prepared for school to open. On top of that, parents also can enjoy the pizza deal for encouraging their teenage children to get vaccinated. Ultimately, bigger rewards for everyone to dig in with the #SamaSamaJaga teens vaccination pizza promo!

What Domino’s Pizza Offer has in Store for Teens Vaccination

Joining in the effort to boost the national vaccination program for teens, Domino’s Pizza is now offering fantastic pizza deals exclusively for registered and vaccinated adolescents. As part of #SamaSamaJaga Domino’s vaccination offer, you now can enjoy 2 LARGE pizzas only for RM29! Compared to the normal price, this pizza promo lets you save up to 66% (save RM56.80) when purchasing your favourite pizza.

This teens vaccination Domino’s pizza promotion is open to all Malaysian teenagers aged 12 – 17 who have registered for the vaccination or received at least one dose or are fully vaccinated. Every adolescent in Malaysia who has completed either of these criteria will be eligible to enjoy the pizza deal of 2 LARGE pizzas at RM29 on any day from Domino’s Pizza.

Easy Ways to Enjoy the New Domino’s Pizza Deal

Available for a limited time only, you can enjoy the pizza takeaway deal at any Domino’s Pizza store nationwide. Here are 3 ways you can redeem the #SamaSamaJaga teens vaccination pizza deal at your nearest Domino’s outlet:

  1. Walk-in to any Domino’s Pizza store to order at the counter

  2. Call the Domino’s Pizza hotline at 1300-888-333 and order for takeaway

  3. Order online via Domino’s Pizza Malaysia’s official website or app. Click ‘Take Away / Carryout’ and then choose to collect via Pandu Ambil or Potong Q for a more convenient pick-up method.

The amazing pizza offer is available for takeaway purchases. Enjoy mouth-watering Domino’s pizza at this discounted price with only several simple steps as follow:

Walk-in to Domino’s Pizza store

  1. Head over to your nearest Domino’s Pizza store.

  2. Show the teen’s registration or vaccination status in the MySejahtera app to the cashier at the store.

  3. Enjoy the teen’s vaccination deal.

Call-in to Domino’s Pizza hotline

  1. Call the Domino’s Pizza hotline at 1300-888-333.

  2. Verify the teen’s registration or vaccination status over the phone.

  3. Show the teen’s registration or vaccination status in the MySejahtera app to Domino’s staff during pick-up/collection of the order.

  4. Enjoy the teen’s vaccination deal.

Order online at Domino’s website or app

  1. Register or log in to

  2. Select takeaway/carryout and choose your preferred store for pick-up.

  3. Go to the ‘Promos and Coupons’ tab and key in code TEENVAX

  4. Show the teen’s registration or vaccination status in the MySejahtera app to Domino’s staff during pick-up/collection of the order.

  5. Enjoy the teen’s vaccination deal.

More to Enjoy with Domino’s Pizza #SamaSamaJaga Offer

With Malaysia’s vaccination progress, we are all set to achieve herd immunity. Not only adults, but we also must protect our children. Hence, to encourage many more adolescents to register for the teens’ vaccination program and boost the population’s immunity, the incredible pizza promotion is up for grabs as part of Domino’s vaccination offer. #SamaSamaJaga pizza promo of 2 LARGE pizzas only at RM29 (save RM56.80) for adolescents who have registered for vaccination or received their doses.

So, what are you waiting for? Register your teenage children for the Covid-19 vaccine today and order your favourite Domino’s pizza to enjoy the remarkable deal!

#SamaSamaJaga pizza deal is now available at Domino’s Pizza stores nationwide for a limited time. Enjoy 2 LARGE pizzas for RM29 and save up to 66%. To purchase, visit Domino’s stores, call Domino’s Pizza hotline at 1300-888-333 or order online at

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