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Sharing Our Moment and Not My Box

Pizza has become a staple in many households and is often the go-to meal for family occasions, parties, and dinners. While pizza is often associated with sharing and enjoyed in a group setting, it can also be a satisfying meal to enjoy solo. In line with this and set to transform the way Malaysians enjoy their pizzas, Domino’s Pizza reveals its latest product offering, Domino’s BoxKu!

Starting from May 9, 2023, onwards, solo eaters whether dining alone or in a group can treat themselves to an upgraded version of Domino’s personal pizza, now comes in a 7-inch size which is 15% bigger! along with a choice of two delectable sides ranging from garlic twisty bread or Domino’s all-new potato wedges and a refreshing beverage only from as low as RM10.90. With four delicious and affordable meal combos to choose from, the BoxKu range offers diverse choices to suit every appetite and budget.

Pizza is a beloved food that is enjoyed all around the world and it is no different here in Malaysia. However, it is often thought of as an option to be enjoyed only in large gatherings. This is most definitely not the case as personal pizzas can be enjoyed by solo eaters and together with friends and family. Truly exploring the full potential of this versatile dish which can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere with BoxKu in an exciting new offer for Malaysians to enjoy a full meal experience.

BoxKu is created with pizza lovers in mind. We want to cater to our customers who prefer to savor their favourite slices without sharing a box of pizza with others. With BoxKu, Malaysians can now enjoy their own pizza box be it when dining alone or in a group. This also creates a great way to bond and create memories with family and friends by “Sharing our Moment and Not my Box”. We welcome Malaysians to enjoy pizza as a versatile dish during their own me time or in a group.

To enjoy the all-new BoxKu, customers can opt for either BoxKu with garlic twisty bread priced at only RM10.90 + with a drink add-on for RM12.90. Alternatively, customers can also choose BoxKu Plus upgrade with potato wedges priced at only RM14.90 + with a drink add-on for only RM16.90.

Get BoxKu delivered to you anytime! To enjoy delivery service, the minimum spend is RM20.

Upgrade your personal pizza experience with BoxKu by visiting Domino’s stores, ordering online at, or calling 1300-888-333 to make an order.

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