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Classic is The Best, but Do You Want More? Domino’s Signature Pizza is Perfect for You!

What is the reason behind the joyous feeling we get after eating pizza? We all know that even a slice of pizza can make us feel completely happy. Domino’s Pizza will make you happier with various pizza flavors and toppings! Feel the more with the wonderful taste of Domino’s Signature Pizza to deliver an enjoyable sensation to your palate!

At Domino’s, we know that pizza gives a wonderful experience in taste. Whether you go for your classic Signature range or add more ingredients and toppings with Specialty Cheese Pizza or Loaded Topping Pizza, all Domino’s Pizza gives joy with our rich, cheesy and delicious pizzas, leaving you feeling satisfied with every bite.

Domino’s Signature Pizzas will still remain your favorite pizza menu for you to enjoy!

Your All-Time Favorite Pizzas at Domino’s

Loved by many Malaysians, our flavorful pizza makes everyone happy with every mouthful bite. For this reason, we want you to still enjoy your favorite pizza menu with Domino’s Signature Pizza!

The Variety of Chicken Pizza to Choose

Pizza that is topped with chicken gives a balanced blend of flavor and delivers a pleasurable experience with its wonderful taste. If you prefer chicken pizza topping, there are a variety of choices you can choose from with Signature Pizza.

The chicken pizza choices that are available on Domino’s Signature Pizza are BBQ Chicken, Aloha Chicken, Chicken Pepperoni, Classified Chicken and Classic Chicken. With this variety pizza menu, you are given the option of choosing the best flavor that can satisfy your taste buds!

Enjoy Your Favorite Beef Pizza with Signature Pizza

Prefer beef on top of your pizza? We got you! You can also enjoy your favorite beef pizza flavor with the delicious beef choice. Let our delightful taste of Beef Pepperoni fulfil your cravings! Other than that, relish the wonderful mixture of beef and chicken with our Smoky Beef N Chick to feel more joy!

Tuna and Sambal to Meet Your Taste Buds!

The new Domino’s Signature Pizza comes with another selection of choices that can satisfy your taste buds. Enjoy your favorite tasty tuna pizza with Flaming Tuna, and satisfy your Malaysian taste buds with Domino’s Spicy Sambal. This choice of delicious pizza flavors can surely satisfy your cravings as well as be served as an enjoyable dish!

Vegie Pizza to Satisfy Your Craving

For vegetarian Domino’s Pizza lovers, we completely understand your concern! Because of that, Domino’s Vegie Galore and Vegie Fiesta are here for you. The delightful taste of fresh vegetables will give you a magnificent experience in every bite. On top of that, as vegetables are known to be a great healthy diet, we are proud to have this menu in Domino’s Signature Pizza.

Don’t Miss Out to Feel The More with Domino’s Signature Pizza!

We want you to feel more with Domino’s Pizza. Not only enjoy the scrumptious and luxurious taste of our pizzas, but we also want you to feel the joy and sensation in each bite. With our Domino’s Signature Pizza, we want you to relish your all-time favorite pizza that comes with the most satisfying and pleasurable experience!

Get more and feel more joy and happiness with Domino’s Pizza. Get more of your favorite pizza now! To purchase, visit Domino’s Pizza stores or order online at

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