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Speedy Wanli Crowned Fastest Pizza Maker in Malaysia 2019

CYBERJAYA, April 2, 2019 – Speed and quality was the order of the day at Domino’s Pizza’s Fastest Pizza Maker Competition held at Domino’s 200th store in Malaysia located in Galleria Cyberjaya. Top 14 pizza makers from across the nation flaunted their skills of making a perfect 10-point pizza at the annual competition as they aim for four coveted spots to represent Malaysia at the Asia-Pacific level of the competition.

Organized each year to recognize the expertise and time management skills of Domino’s pizza makers globally, the contenders were required to make three types of large pizzas, featuring Pepperoni, Mushroom, and Cheese as fast as possible while adhering to Domino’s strict quality requirements.

The pizzas were judged based on three criteria, namely dough & saucing, portioning and placement of toppings. In addition, calibrated digital scales were used to precisely determine each pizza’s weight. A new grading score card was also implemented to further ensure the accuracy of the marks for each pizza maker.

Shamsul Amree, Operations Deputy President, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia and Singapore, said, “Today’s final round of the competition puts our pizza making talent to the ultimate test. These pizza makers are the crème of the crop among our pizza makers and they represent the hard work, passion and accuracy that goes into making every single made-to-order pizzas for our customers daily. We are happy to have them in the spotlight today as they are usually busy behind the scenes, preparing pizzas. They are the reason our customers keep coming back for more and for that, we take our hats off to them. This year’s competition also sees an equal participation of men and women. It just does show that skills and talent transcends gender and we are happy to embrace this.”

“Pizza making may seem simple however it requires a specific skills-set that is perfected over time and through practice. These experts have mastered the techniques and art of pizza making from hand-stretched dough. Because of this, the Fastest Pizza Maker Competition is the perfect platform for us to recognize and appreciate the expertise of our pizza makers across Malaysia as it requires precise skills. We are very proud of their achievements and look forward to them competing at the Asia-Pacific level against their regional counterparts.”

Speedy Wanli or better known as Fadzwanli Bin Mohd, the champion of Fastest Pizza Maker 2019, said, “I am proud and honored for the opportunity to represent Domino’s Pizza Malaysia at the Asia-Pacific level. This is actually my second time joining the competition. My first time was in 2017 and I worked hard to be the first runner-up. I had the chance to compete with many skilled and experienced pizza makers from all around Asia. Out of 24 contestants, I was the top seven and I am delighted and pleased to be holding such title. This year, I will do my best in the Asia-Pacific level competition to make Malaysia proud,”

He was crowned as the Fastest Pizza Maker 2019 champion with a record time of 80 seconds only and took home a cash prize of RM1,000 along with the opportunity of representing Domino’s Pizza Malaysia at the Asia-Pacific level. The first runner-up was Izuan Bin Adib, also known as Izuan da’ Wolverine while Syahmi Bin Shaheran or his nickname, Syahmi da’ Flash was the second runner-up. Each of them took home RM500 and RM300 respectively. The winner and first runner-up will represent Domino’s Pizza Malaysia in the Asia pacific level, with all expenses borne by the company.

“As we live up to our promise of It’s All About You, we continuously enhance our processes which involves a great deal of convenience, technology and innovation. This, coupled with the skills possessed by our pizza makers creates a winning combination in producing a seamless service for our customers.” he concluded.

Embracing the company’s philosophy of smart hustle, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia has been holding the Fastest Pizza Maker competition annually since 1998 to recognize pizza makers who best exemplify qualities that enable the safe and timely delivery that the company prides itself on. The competition is open to all pizza makers at Domino’s Pizza.

A total of 474 pizza makers from all over Malaysia took part at local level which began in January this year. Out of these, the best pizza makers among them made it through to the national level which saw stiff competition between 114 pizza makers. The top 14 moved on to battle it out as the finalists for the Fastest Pizza Maker in Malaysia.

Apart from the contestants, members of the media were also given an opportunity to experience pizza making, guided by the Domino’s experts.

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