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The Future of Domino's Delivery

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd (Domino’s) is boldly going where no pizza company has gone before, launching a revolutionary new e-bike concept destined to change the food delivery universe forever. It’s our obsession to bring the hottest, freshest, tastiest pizza to your door. The dXb is the closest thing to having a Domino’s pizza oven in your very own home.

Domino’s DXB: The future of Domino’s delivery is here

Temperature Controlled Pizza Pod

Featuring a built-in, fan-forced oven, the temperature-controlled pizza pod keeps your meal piping hot at 68 degrees Celsius for optimum freshness and cheese stretch.

G-Force Stabilisation System

Stabilised by space-age suspension that cuts g-forces by an incredible 67 per cent, the chance of turbulence for your pizza is zero – arriving at your door exactly as it was lovingly hand-made in store. Domino’s dXb delivery bike has been expertly engineered to provide the hottest, smoothest, and safest ride for precious pizza cargo.

Fan Forced Ventilation System

The revolutionary Pizza Pod has a perfect compartment for the new hot cell bag, which features ventilation compartments. When coupled together, the Pizza Pod and hot cell force any excess moisture out, ensuring that your pizza arrives fresh and crispy, every time.

Maximum Rider Safety

To us, nothing is more important than our people’s safety. With extra lighting on the Pizza Pod and wheels of the bike, the dXb is more visible than any bike we have created before, purposed to ensure that our Delivery Experts are as safe as possible, especially at night.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s so special about this bike?

At Domino’s, we are obsessed with delivery and ensuring your pizza arrives as though it has just come out of the oven. With e-bikes becoming a prominent mode of delivery, they present one key challenge: orders often endure shocks, bumps and turns when riding over footpaths, gutters and potholes.

In fact, during a delivery your pizza can experience up to 10.2 units of gravity (g). To put this number into perspective, during an extreme maneuver, a fighter jet pilot could receive up to 9.2g! On the base of the Pizza Pod, we have integrated a series of shock absorbers concealed in a flexible bellow, which allows the Pod to flex and absorb hard shock to deliver your pizza just as it was perfectly made.

How does the temperature control work?

We are serious about keeping your pizzas perfectly hot so you can enjoy your meal like it just came out of the oven. Fan forced ceramic heating has been added into the Pizza Pod, with a real time external temperature display so you can see the technology at work. Through our research, we have found 68 degrees Celsius to be the optimal temperature for your pizza to arrive perfectly every time. The Pod’s internal fan force heating coupled with a new ventilated thermal bag allows moisture and steam to be released while the circulating air creates an even and consistent heat temperature.

When will I see this bike in a store near me?

Domino’s new e-bike concept, dxb, is a window into the future of delivery. At this stage, the dxb will be gradually rolled out in select locations across the Company’s 12 markets, with plans for wider adoption soon.

What is Domino’s stance on sustainable delivery?

The dxb’s out-of-this-world features have big benefits right here on Earth, with the eco-friendly delivery solution marking a significant step forward in the Company's sustainability goals.

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