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  • Domino's Pizza Malaysia

We Are Hiring: Chief Spicy Officer!

Ready to step into the shoes of the ultimate Chief Spicy Officer?

It's the job you never knew you needed—live your dream for a day!

Seize the moment of a lifetime! This is your golden ticket, your chance to shine like never before.

Check out the incredible perks waiting for you:

🌶️ Transform into the VIP Chief Spicy Officer (CSO) with your personal driver, chauffeured right to your workplace. Your personal assistant will make sure you're treated like a boss.

🌶️ Rub shoulders with the Domino's Csuites—hang out with the CEO, CMO, CFO, and CTO. It's the ultimate power lunch!

🌶️ Be the star at the launch event, soaking in the VIP treatment from start to finish. Your workday? Devour pizza from sunrise to sunset—it's a dream come true for pizza lovers!

🌶️ Enjoy remuneration and benefits tailored to your experience and skills.

🌶️ Did we mention the chilli on top? A free one-year supply of pizza to satisfy your cravings!

Get ready for a day of spicy fun, exclusive experiences, and more pizza than you ever thought possible! 🍕

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