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We’ve got a way to Save the Day (and your wallet) cos Domino’s Everyday Value is now Lebih Ohsem

It’s a no brainer that practically everyone loves pizza! It’s simple, versatile and just plain old yummy. The word ‘pizza’ can bring a smile to anyone’s face, be a great source of comfort food and also the life of any party -that’s just how versatile it is!

Most of us busy bees just love ordering pizza online and picking it up to enjoy with friends and family – and what better place to do that but with Domino’s. They have one of the best and easiest ordering systems ever!

But let’s get down to what most of us are thinking these days – does my pocket even allow me to indulge in hot, fresh from the oven, cheesy pizzas? Man, I really want to grab that coffee, but RM15 for a cup of joe?! No lah. That’s a bit too much. Let’s be real, prices are rising faster than our salaries and we gotta ride out this storm with our pockets still full!

Now let’s talk a bit more about our everyday food consumption – we bet you didn't know these cool facts!

Did you know stepping into any cafe or kopitiam for lunch will cost you on average RM15 per pax!

Yes, you read that right. Holy moly that’s a lot of bucks right there. Why spend that much when you could spend below RM 9 to satisfy those hunger cravings. Let’s just say there’s no competition there. So hurry up and tell those friends of yours about this amazing deal – be that friend that all your friends celebrate because she/he knows about the best deals ever!

And while we’re on the subject of friends, you gotta know that Domino’s offers some amazing Everyday Value Buy 1 Free 2 for sharing below RM 9 per person. And now lebih ohsem is that your pizzas are topped with free extra cheese! Woohoo! Can’t get #LebihOHSEM than that.

Did you know that Ice Latte or an ice blended mocha costs at least RM12!

Dude that’s just plain cray cray. Don’t you agree? Spend below RM 9 per person and get yourself a tummy full of cheesy happiness. #DominosEverydayValue is here for you.

Did you know a frozen pizza in the supermarket costs at least RM 20!

Let’s go out on a limb here and guess no one wants to eat frozen pizza when they can get some freshly baked piping hot pizzas from Domino’s instead. Now Lebih Ohsem, they’ve got free extra cheese too. Now that’s what we’re talking about baby! Oh, and did we mention that too below RM 9 per person.

Did you know you can have a pizza party with friendsbelow RM 9 per person! You gotta admit there’s no beating that

Let’s make saving money easy, fun and stress free! How do we do that you ask? With #DominosEverydayValue Buy 1 Free 2 offer for 4 persons! Meals for sharing like no one else. We’ve done the math and you can have a great meal with friends for below RM 9 per person. Super Ohsem eh? That’s actually cheaper than a bowl of curry noodles or economy rice at the Kopitiam. Surely the real deal when it comes to offering the best quality meals at affordable prices!

Did You Know you can help your bank account by saving up on petrol! Let’s also not forget the time you might get stuck in traffic!

How’s that you ask? Well let us tell you. Domino’s delivery is absolutely free so that's RM 5 saved right there. That’s mind blowing in itself don’t you agree?! Get delivery from anywhere else and your wallet will be short at least RM5. Tsk tsk. But make sure you order from or Domino’s App to keep that money from flying out your pocket.

There’s way too much ‘money pull’ in everything we do these days. We agree, it’s hard to step out of the house without our pockets emptying faster than we like. But wait, why step out when you can take advantage of Domino’s free delivery and get fresh pizzas delivered to your doorstep! Domino’s knows you wanna create some cheesy moments with your significant other – let them help you by delivering fresh from the oven pizzas to your door 😉. Yep, they’re #LebihOHSEM.

So let’s do a quick visit of just how Lebih Ohsem Domino’s is, shall we?

  • Firstly, Belanja your family and friends below RM9 per person. Whoa! That’s great value right there. ‘Coz where else do you get a sharing meal for below RM 9 per person.

  • Secondly, free extra cheese baby on Lebih Ohsem Buy 1 Free 2! Now who would say no to that? Absolutely no one we know! Free cheese, get in my belly!

  • Thirdly, its free delivery - You get to save some amazing bucks with Domino’s free delivery.

Are you feeling hungry yet? Sorry (not sorry)! But Domino’s has got you covered because It’s All About You. Everyday Value Lebih Ohsem deals are sure to emerge victorious when it comes to the best bang for your buck! Truth is guys, the cheesiest pizzas and the yummiest items on the menu will leave you drooling and wanting more because it ain’t gonna hurt your pocket!

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