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Irresistibly Tasty Domino’s Top Secret Sauce with All-New Quattro Pizza

A good sauce makes all the difference in a pizza, which is the secret to Domino’s enriching its customers’ experience. Domino’s signature and unique Top Secret Sauce is featured in four of its crowd topping favorites, Tuna Temptation, Vegie Fiesta, Classified Chicken, and Chicken Confidential. A sauce with a blend of cream, cheese, and garlic crafted in the year 2008 has captivated millions of fans’ hearts for its irresistible taste, making it an extraordinary sauce and available only at Domino’s.

All Hail Domino’s Top Secret Sauce Quattro

This fanbase continues to grow. What used to be a niche favorite among Top Secret Sauce Lovers is now expanding as these lovers step out to express their love for the sauce. Recently, Domino’s Pizza introduced its all-new Top Secret Quattro featuring all four of its popular pizzas topped with its secret sauce, providing its customers an opportunity to get their hands on the top secret sauce in a variety of flavors in one single pizza. With the addition of Top Secret Quattro, customers also will not have to decide among four different pizza flavors or even forego one pizza for another as they have an opportunity to have a taste of all 4 flavors in 1, the perfect choice to suit different taste buds.

What’s the Top Secret Sauce?

Till today, the taste of the unique Top Secret Sauce is indescribable but do we really need to describe the taste to enjoy the Top Secret Sauce Pizza? We asked the Top Secret Lovers, and they said NO! The secret remains, but every bite ignites a multisensory experience, set to provide a distinctive and unforgettable taste for all Top Secret Sauce Lovers.

Linda Hassan, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia, Singapore & Cambodia said, “The launch of Top Secret Quattro is a tribute to Malaysians’ favorite sauce. Thanks to the amazing support and positive response of our best-selling Tuna Temptation, Vegie Fiesta, Classified Chicken, and Chicken Confidential, which makes up 20% of our pizzas sold. We take immense pride in our signature Top Secret Sauce as this truly sets us apart from our competitors. We know Malaysians are familiar with pizzas topped with the classic tomato-based sauce, but do you know what makes the Top Secret Sauce stand out?”

“Those who have given the Top Secret Sauce a try would agree that there isn’t one word that can encapsulate the flavors, but one thing they do share in common is the desire to keep coming back for more. We have customers who love all the flavors offered with the Top Secret Sauce and by incorporating all four into a single Quattro, we are not only able to provide customers an opportunity to try the different flavors that comes with our Top Secret Sauce but also saving the trouble of them choosing one flavor over the other. Top Secret Sauce fans can now enjoy the different pizza flavors and satisfy their cravings – what’s even better is that you can get it at an affordable price via our Everyday Value deals.”

Domino’s Signature Sauce is All You Need

“In everything we do, our customers’ preference is always at the top of our minds as we strive to fulfill our promise of “It’s All About You”. Rest assured, we will always stand by our promise in creating great moments for our customers, families, and friends. We have put in a great deal of effort to provide the best ingredients in our signature Top Secret Sauce to ensure it exceeds our customers’ expectations in both quality and taste. We are heartened to know that we have gathered a huge fan following for our unique sauce! We have seen and heard your thousands of testimonials of our Top Secret Sauce, and it fills us up with so much joy that our products are truly loved by Malaysians all over the country. We are pleased to present the extraordinary Top Secret Sauce Quattro for our fans to indulge together with their friends and family!” Linda concluded.

Domino’s New Top Secret Sauce Quattro is available in Regular and Large sizes at Domino’s stores nationwide. Customers’ can also enjoy this new addition with Domino’s Everyday Value at a 50% OFF or Buy 1 Free 2 deals and save up to RM41.40. Additionally, the classics pizza range comes with a surcharge of RM3.90 and RM4.90 for Regular and Large pizzas, respectively.

Apart from Everyday Value deals, customers can also purchase the New Top Secret Sauce Quattro with other ongoing promotions. To purchase, visit Domino’s stores or order online at


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