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Awaken Your Taste Bud with Irresistibly Spicy Domino’s Ssamjeang Pizza Promotion

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Annyeong Haseyo to K-fans and spicy food lovers! If you love to watch Korean dramas and are fascinated by Korean culture, K-cuisine will definitely catch your eyes too. As you might already know, a Korean meal is incomplete without an array of side dishes and dipping sauces like the spicy Ssamjeang sauce. Now, what is better than a little fiery fusion of pizza and Ssamjeang?

After being on a hiatus for the past two years, the much-awaited comeback is finally here! Dae-back by the hot demand, Domino’s Pizza once again drops the bomb with the irresistibly spicy Ssamjeang Pizza. The hot pizza promotion is now back with a new and improved Ssamjeang Beef Bulgogi Pizza. Every bite of it is Ssam heat that you just can’t beat!

Satisfy your spicy food cravings with Domino’s Ssamjeang Pizza iconic trio that will leave you fanning for more. Awaken your taste buds with the deliciously, irresistibly spicy Ssamjeang Beef Bulgogi Pizza, Ssamjeang Chicken Pizza and Ssamjeang Tuna Pizza. These pizza variations will ultimately bring you on a hot journey to Korea. Oh wait, the spicy excitement pizza promotion does not stop there – it comes with Ayam-Haseyo too!

Get It Spicy with Ssamjeang Beef Bulgogi Pizza

The long-awaited Domino’s Ssamjeang Pizza is never complete without the star of the show. A favourite of many, Ssamjeang Beef Bulgogi Pizza has captivated numerous hearts and taste buds ever since it was introduced. As the spiciest range of the pizza promotion, it is highly addictive with irresistibly spicy Ssamjeang sauce to satisfy your desire for spicy food.

The legendary Ssamjeang Pizza is now improved with a new and better flavour that will make you crave more heat. Every slice is filled with thick and juicy beef slices marinated in bulgogi sauce that is perfectly baked on a fiery bed of Ssamjeang sauce. This epic combination will absolutely set your palate on fire! It is time to get it spicy with Ssamjeang Beef Bulgogi Pizza – are you up for the heat?

Can’t Stand the Heat? Ssamjeang Tuna or Chicken Pizza to Kick It Off

Can’t you really stand the heat? Worry not – let’s kick it off with another Domino’s Ssamjeang Pizza variety. Slightly less spicy but nothing less tasty, the Ssamjeang Chicken Pizza and Ssamjeang Tuna Pizza are coated with creamy onion sauce to pair with hot Ssamjeang sauce harmoniously. Nevertheless, a fiery sensation still awaits!

For those who prefer chicken, there is always something for you. As charming as your Oppa and Jagiya, Domino’s Ssamjeang Chicken Pizza is filled with tender roasted chicken – but do not let that fool you! Underneath the rich melted cheesiness and creamy onion sauce, it also comes with the heat that you can’t beat. It is the perfect super-hot date with a kick of deliciously spicy Ssamjeang sauce!

For tuna lovers, Ssamjeang Tuna Pizza gets you to dive into a scrumptious ocean of Korean spiciness that makes you crave for more! With generous chunks of tantalizing tuna submerged in Domino’s Pizza flaming Ssamjeang sauce, it is coated in a creamy net of onion sauce. The delightful balance is perfect for those who can’t stand the heat. A bite of delicious tuna on top of the irresistibly spicy Ssamjeang sauce will leave you in awe.

Say Ayam-Haseyo to Domino’s Pizza Offer

What is K-drama without Korean chicken wings? The same goes with Domino’s Pizza Ssamjeang promotion – it is incomplete without some hot Korean chicken wings! As the cherry on top, the ultimate chicken dish is back as part of the spicy pizza offer. It is time for us to say Ayam-Haseyo to mouth-watering hot wings!

If spiciness is happiness to you, the much-loved Domino’s Ayam-Haseyo chicken wings will make you soar in joy. The succulent hot wings are baked to perfection, deliciously coated with the mouth-watering spicy Ssamjeang sauce that you simply can’t resist. Spicy food enthusiasts and chicken lovers will never get enough of these addictive, irresistibly spicy chicken wings – it makes it the perfect side for the hot Ssamjeang Pizza promotion.

Daebak Ssamjeang Pizza Deal with Domino’s Pizza

Get in the spicy excitement of Domino’s Ssamjeang Pizza with the irresistibly spicy pizzas and hot chicken wings!

Enjoy the Ssamjeang combo set at RM49.90 with 1 Regular Ssamjeang Beef Bulgogi Pizza + 1 Regular Pizza + 1 Garlic Cheese Onion Rings + 1 Bottle of Soft Drink

Available only for a limited time, you can enjoy this Ssamjeang Pizza promotion via delivery and takeaway. It is available nationwide at any Domino’s Pizza store. Here are some easy ways to place your order:

  1. Walk-in to any Domino’s Pizza store nationwide.

  2. Order online via Domino’s Pizza Malaysia’s official website or app.

  3. Call Domino’s Pizza customer hotline at 1300-888-333.

When ordering the Ssamjeang Pizza online, you can follow these easy steps:

  1. Register or log in to

  2. Select ‘Delivery’ or ‘Takeaway’, and choose your preferred store for pick-up.

  3. Go to the ‘Promos and Coupons’ tab and key in the pizza promo code <SSAMD3>

Domino’s Pizza Ssamjeang Promo to Beat the Heat

K-fans and spicy food lovers, this is the call for you. Do not miss out on getting Ssam heat with irresistibly spicy Domino’s Ssamjeang Pizza! It is the perfect meal to have with family, friends and loved ones, and see who can stand the heat.

Domino’s Ssamjeang Beef Bulgogi Pizza, Ssamjeang Chicken Pizza, Ssamjeang Tuna Pizza and Ayam-Haseyo are now available at Domino’s Pizza stores nationwide. You can enjoy more savings with our Buy 1 Free 2 offer with FREE delivery or take-away with a minimum of 50% off for any pizza size! To purchase, visit Domino’s Pizza stores or order online at

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